Monday, November 3, 2008

Winter Blues mean Snowmen Cards

Had the chance to relax finally, and whipped up this card. I was just recruited to replace someone in a card swap. I like the card because of the fun flock but it took a while.... actually an hour and a half, and I'm not totally wowed though. The fun flock is just fun in a bottle, really. It looks like snow when it falls onto the card before you press it down, and the glitter on top gives it the little pop it needs.

I embossed the scarf and ear muffs (they're my favorite!!) and filled them in with those Tsukienko Fantastix, they let you color in with a stamp pad, they are pretty much a dauber iin stick form! I love 'em.

So for such a cold and harsh day, I got the magic of snow to brighten up my night!!!

Happy scrappin'


Diana said...

I heart your snowman card!

Anonymous said...

I think your snowman is adorable! What a great card to share. Love it! :o)