Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New routines, New way of life, New eating rules!

About three years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem out of nowhwere.  However, I did notice that I wasn't losing any weight and I just kept packing on the pounds.   I had this rash that kept appearing and disappearing, and I also couldn't for the life of me get to feeling better. 

I lost 45 lbs and went Organic, non GMO, less grains/sorta Paleo and discovered a whole new world out there but then due to doctor's orders I had to give up bread too!  Oh no!    What was I going to do without my beloved comfort friend?    Well make stuff is what I decided.  

My 5 month old son and I both share this gluten allergy now as I learned recently and I've had to be more and more creative.   I now make cool snacks and eat better than before!

Here's a good trick to getting kids to snack healthily,  feel satisfied longer and not feel like they are giving up anything.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO Organic Peanut Banana Bites!

-  1 not so ripe banana.  (Firmer than softer is best)
-  1 jar of creamy organic peanut butter, 
   (mix up the oils as these have less stabilizers)
-  1 tbsp chocolate ships
    (I like the enjoy life brand because they are Soy Free)
-  1 tbsp One Degree Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps 
    (Use sparingly because of arsenic levels in brown rice)

These are delicious!  They satisfy the crunch, sweet & indulgent factor that many of our horrible, no good for you, chemical laden chocolate bars have.  

Try them with your kids, or even for yourself.  They are packed with protein, and energy to keep you and your kids satisfied.