Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Its all in the process......and homemade garlands.

I realized while making Christmas ornaments, that for me, its much more than the items themselves, but the process of creating them that brings me the most joy. Who doesn't love a finished product, or the supplies or lets face it the smell of the glue? But I, I revel in the little minutia of the cutting, the sorting through papers, the inking many many edges. Why not? How many opportunities in life do we get to relive Kindergarten again, not many, so I am going to live my passion, cutting, inking, and gluing till my little fingers fall off!

My friends know me by my passion for crafting but also crafting with recycled materials. I love knowing that I kept something out of the landfill, and was able to use it in an artistic way.

This ribbon garland came out of a "necessity is the mother of all inventions" type of moment. Limited funds is a commonality right now, but it doesn't need to spur limited creativity! I went into the local house stores only to find that their garlands were unnecessarily expensive and far from my simple tastes. Having left frustrated I happened upon some strips of fabric in my scrapbook area that I was saving for ribbon flowers. I started tearing and stripping and pulled out the jewelery wire, in no time and 11' later, I had a beautiful, unique garland that is truly Salima-like in every way: colorful, cheerful and simple.

Hope you enjoy!!!