Thursday, November 20, 2008

life's little challenges....

Sometimes..... you don't know how but you lose time.

You don't call your friend on their birthday,
You wake up at 6:50 instead of 6 am.
You forget how you and your best friend lost contact,
You can't remember a loved one's face.

Today I received my wake up call.
I had time smack me in the face today.
My cousin, who was the only one in my family
who used to write me in California over 5 and a half years
was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer.

She's funny, she's upbeat, she's a good mom.
I didn't have the pleasure of seeing her for several months
and now she is going away from me, just like time.

Its really hard on me to accept that, but I can't imagine
how hard it must be on her.
And my other cousin, the one that I'm closest to is nursing her,
I haven't seen her in a while either.

This is the card I made for my cousin Mickey.
We call her that instead of Migdalia.
It fits her personality.

I pray that Allah keeps her in his care and that his will be done.

I will be more mindful not to lose so much time away from family.

Love to all my sissies, you know who u are. May I hear from you and see you more.