Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Tilda card by Magnolia Stamps: A lesson in patience...

I guess I should subtitle this as to Copic or not to Copic, that is the question

I received a free Tilda stamp from Magnolia magazine a current favorite of mine, however, I have never understood the fascination with the Tilda and Edwin series.  I don't know why and I often felt attacked when I stated that, and I really really wanted to like them even if only because of the beautiful creations produced from this uniquely cute but ugly stamps!  There I said it, they're so ugly they're cute!   But once I got my hand on one, (dare I confess this?), I colored and stamped her multiple times, and even loved it!
I made Tilda in my own caramel colored likeness, I thought she needed a little color to differentiate her from her often pinkish look as seen on most cards but truth be told, I just couldn't get the colors right.  Something that made me wonder was "Why go through all of this work?"

What discouraged me most as a 6 Copic marker owning scrapper was the amount of colors you needed as per the many Copic Tilda videos I watched on Youtube New Years day, it was overwhelming!  After a very full cart on A Cherry On, a personal favorite, I had to make some choices, college tuition or Copics, I chose the daughters college tuition!   Ha!   I delved into my Distress Markers and played around with it a bit.   What you see in the above drawing is a result of the outlining primarily done in Distress Markers,  while the red and green colors in her outfit were done primarily with Copic and the shading with the Distress Markers  as well.

If you look at the above picture you can see that her leggings are a little bit off as I tried to copy some of the techniques from Youtube, but, I wasn't satisfied because the distress markers seemed to pill my Stamping UP white stamping cardstock, which is usually an optimal stamping cardstock.  

In the end, I did the best I could with my first try. 
To the left of it I added some Melissa Frances trim, some Making Memories gold fiber and a generic craft store rose.   I like the balance of the two flowers.
On the top right you will notice that the graying/shadowing I tried to create from one of the tutorials was a miserable fail and I had to eventually cover it with a photo corner. 

My final thought after having finished it on some Tim Holtz Christmas papers is that I will give it another try and will attempt to use only the Copic Markers since  the shading needed for the "Magnolia style".  The Distress Markers just don't allow for that kind of blending without destroying your paper.  Or at least I haven't had success with it.   I ordered a couple of other Magnolia's and some Sugar Nellie's my favorites, and I will update you as to my failure or success with them. 

Until then, lots of crafting love into the blogosphere!

Material's Used:

Tilda - Magnolia free stamp from the Magnolia magazine out this month.
Tim Holtz Holiday Stack
Bazzill Card Stock
Cricut Gigantic Flowers
Recollections Bling
Making Memories Fibers
Melissa Frances Trims


Ines Rivera said...

Great job! Maybe find out what paper Copic lovers use? Yeah, it's amazing how they use 6 markers for one tiny part of the hair, wish I had that patience, lol. Keep us posted!

scrappygurl said...

I agree its very impressive how patient they are with the coloring and actually there is some lesson in doing so patiently so I think I am going to give it one more try! I'm going to post the colors I do have with different stamps so that people can get an idea of where to start.

Christine said...

She turned out really cute I love her dress. If your interested in an alcohol marker like the copics but want a less costly approach there are a few options. I did a 3 part series on 3 choices Copics, spectrum Noir, and Chromatix all of which are used to blend on these stamps. The paper is a huge issue as well as what you use to stamp the image on. I own 3 of many kinds of paper used for Copic coloring or shall I say Alcohol inks. Lastly about the Tilda stamps...I agree with you 100 percent I don't understand Why so many love her I actually don't care fir her much because she is emotionless literally has no mouth...weird. I did though do an image swap a few weeks ago and colored her for the first time....check out my video on YouTube for the card I created...after I did the card up BIG time I appreciated my colored image of her more. Let's chat I can give you my take so it can be cost effective because coloring stamped images like her Is my new obsession. Remember though practice practice....coloring is So relaxing! My youtube channel is SerenityinHim. ((hugs)) -christine

scrappygurl said...

I agree Christine, I'm going to do that and practice with others. I am a fan of the Sugar Nellie Stamps more because they are a cross of Anime stamps and some human feel to them. I will post more about the copics when I get my order come in. I am also going to try doing some stamped plain images to see if the coloring is easier. Thanks gals!